American White Pelicans

  American White Pelicans seen feeding at Washoe Lake State Park. Good day and may God bless!

Burners Are Coming!

Mobile Rhino Art Car. Includes propane tank for blowing fire out the top of the horn. Burning Man participants are arriving in preparation for the event which runs from August 27 to September 4. Art sculpture on their way to the Playa on the Black Rock Desert! Good day and may God bless!

VW Bus = Summer

Nothing says Summer like a 1965 VW Bus. Seen last week at Hot August Nights, Reno, NV. Summer season continues. Good day and may God bless!

Dusk at Verdi

Crystal Peak Park, Verdi, NV – Just off the old Highway 40 route, this park allows people to play on the riverside or just enjoy warm August nights. Here the Interstate 80 overpass is visible. River is cold and clear. Good day and may God bless!


This Variegated Meadowhawk was sitting nicely at Sparks Marina, NV, last week. We are enjoying warm weather this week in Truckee Meadows. Good day and may God bless!

Truckee Floating

Truckee River, West Reno, NV – Rafters are enjoying the low water by floating on it. River level is running about 4.5 feet, 400 cfs, at the Reno gauge. Warm weather makes a ride on the cold water even better. My lovely wife enjoying the warm weather. See how clear the water is. Good day…

Bugs and Bird

Bugs and Bird, Oxbow Park, Reno NV – Lorquin’s Admiral Butterfly sits atop a wild rose hip. A young California Quail heads for a hideout. This Monarch Butterfly taps into a thistle flower. Good day and may God bless!

Cruising Reno

Controlled Cruising – Hot August Nights: One the favorite events. Vintage cars cruising down Virginia Street which is closed off for the event. Some cars are more vintage than others.   As the sun goes down the shiny cars reflect the casino lights. Outdoor stages provided live, free entertainment. This is the Harrah’s stage. Not…

Vintage Trailers

Vintage Trailer exhibition is new this year for Hot August Nights! There was over thirty trailers on the grass at Rancho San Rafael Regional Park in Reno, NV. This bunch of photos by my lovely wife features some of her favorites. Here are some of my favorite trailers. Here are some of the interiors of…

Hot Night Lights

Friday Fireworks for Hot August Nights in Reno NV. Launched from the roof of Silver Legacy Resort Casino. Different camera settings give different results. More fireworks on Saturday about 9:45PM but may not start until 10:05PM depending on the wind. Good day and may God bless.

Hot Cars

More pics from Grand Sierra Resort with cars for Hot August Nights which runs until 8/13/2017. Enjoy the warm weather. Good day and may God bless! Lots of chrome, good paint, all metal!  

Nash Metropolitan

Nash Metropolitan – During my lunch break I zipped over to Grand Sierra Resort in Reno NV to see the Show and Shine. I saw this beautifully restored Nash Metropolitan. These compact cars were sold during the 1950s.   Another angle of the Nash Metropolitan. This is just one of several events occurring this week…